Your chance to win a free copy of Packt’s Direct3D Rendering Cookbook (CLOSED)


Packt have kindly provided 5 free eBook copies of my newly published book Direct3D Rendering Cookbook to be given away to the 5 best responses to “name the front cover character and state what interests you the most about the book“.

How to enter?

Simply head over to the book’s page on Packt’s website and take a look at the front cover and the table of contents. Then comment on this post with your suggestion for the name of the character on the front cover and what interests you the most about the book.

The winners will be chosen from the comments below and contacted by email so please use a valid email address when you post your comment. Extra points for creativity and if you also tweet your response @spazzarama!

The contest ends when I run out of free copies to give away. Good luck!

Update Feb-18: the first winner is Elliot. Congratulations! Someone from Packt will be in contact with you shortly.

Update Feb-20: the second winner is Nikita. Congratulations and enjoy!

Update Feb-25: the third winner is Ali. Congrats!

Update Feb-26: the fourth winner is Juan. Congratulations, I can empathise with George’s situation :)

Update Feb-27: the fifth and final winner is softfalcon. Congratulations and thanks for putting in the effort.

I hope you all enjoy the book! Thank you to everyone who entered.

16 thoughts on “Your chance to win a free copy of Packt’s Direct3D Rendering Cookbook (CLOSED)

  1. I think the bald guy ! He has gone bald because of trying hard to learn direct3D before having this book :D . I am a graphics programmer and I have worked with xna , So learning SharpDX and moving to the next generation is crucial for me due to the death of xna !
    Thank you any way !

  2. His name is Max. He lives in the minds of all computer graphics researchers yearning to solve the next big riddle in computer graphics. The sphere has always represented one of the golden units of measure in the world of computer graphics rendering (not to mention the teapot!). I have a keen interest in pushing the limit – to use every available resource to produce the most compelling visual effects. This book will help me!

  3. The dude’s name is plane George he is desperate to learn tesselation to give him more character, and hopefully hair.
    This may be the only book that dives into SharpDX and will make this book a huge hit.
    As a full time .Net developer I want guidance about using Direct3D using SharpDX, I have high hopes in this book.

  4. Clearly this man’s name is Steve. Steve is an artist… err… graphics programmer. He’s what the technical people call “hip with the times” because Steve has mastered the ultimate powers of graphics and sound. His army of incredibly rendered sphere minions are products of these tremendous powers… um… are here to help you in the learning of your “graphics”. Please now plant your tush, crack the cover and prepare to embark with Steve into the world of Rendering. He’ll make coding, fun!

    I’m curious about this book, as I’m primarily a .NET developer whose previous applications have been built in OpenGL and DirectX both with and without .NET. I’m curious to see what SharpDX has up its sleeve and also, just interested in the new rendering options available in DirectX 11. I have a couple good texts on OpenGL, but few truly great (or modern ones) on DirectX, this book however, looks promising.

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