Direct3D Rendering Cookbook is published!

After 8 months of hard work, I am now a published author! It has been a challenging but rewarding experience and I’m really excited to finally see it published. I hope people find it as enjoyable to read as I found it to write.

If you’re interested in taking a look, there is a sample chapter available on the book’s page at Packt Publishing or from Amazon (Direct3D Rendering Cookbook) where you can choose to purchase the print and/or e-book editions.

Direct3D Rendering Cookbook (font cover)

About Direct3D Rendering Cookbook

Direct3D Rendering Cookbook contains 50 practical recipes to guide you through a number of advanced Direct3D rendering techniques to help bring your 3D graphics project to life. This is a practical cookbook that dives into the various methods of programming 3D graphics with C# and SharpDX. It is a package of innovative and up-to-date 3D rendering techniques supported by illustrations, sample code, and concise explanations.

The book covers a range of topics including:

  • How to set up a Direct3D application and perform real-time 3D rendering with C# and SharpDX
  • Learn techniques for debugging your Direct3D application
  • Render a 3D environment with lights, models, and materials
  • Explore character animation using bones and vertex skinning
  • Create additional surface detail using tessellation with displacement mapping and displacement decals
  • Implement image post-processing tasks within compute shaders
  • Use real-time deferred rendering techniques to implement improved shading for lighting and shadows
  • Learn to program the graphics pipeline with shaders using HLSL and Shader Model 5

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